Aussiewise Financial Services

Time to act.

You’ve always had that idea that you knew would genuinely make money. Now’s the time to execute it. It’s time to start a new business or even upgrade an existing one. Obtaining a traditional business loan is a lengthy process and requires a great deal of documentation and is often too complicated and overwhelming. Well, it’s time to call the specialists at Aussie Wise Financial Services.

Taking a business loan is one important source of money for businesses. It can be difficult for a start-up small business to get a commercial bank loan because of perceived risk. We will help you assess your risks, choose the loan you need and improve your chances of loan approval. Our experts will collate your expertise and prepare a comprehensive business plan that will tell the lender all about the proposed venture. As part of our advice exercise, we will evaluate how much borrowing you might require based on the current business structure or your existing financial scenario. The duration of the loan, affordability of the business to repay the loan along with interest and the securities that you can offer to the lender will considerably affect the interest rate.

Aussie Wise Financial Services will also arrange access to funds that you have borrowed, and available overdraft limits. We offer advice on a range of financial options that are available for you.